An unofficial Pixies release, recorded live at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago on August 10, 1989. Attributed to The Pixies rather than Pixies.

The sound quality is decent, although the crowd is frequently audible.

Tracks are listed as seen in the liner notes, so spelling errors are present. I've linked the tracks with strange spellings to the correct track, so here's what's listed on the album:

  1. Bone Machine
  2. Cactus
  3. Vamos
  4. Dead a Long Time
  5. Debasor
  6. Crack City Jones
  7. Gigantic
  8. Gouge Away
  9. Nimrods Son
  10. I Bleed
  11. Isia De Encanta
  12. Levitate Me
  13. Mr. Grieves
  14. Tama
  15. Monkey Gone
  16. Mutilation
  17. Where's My Mind
  18. Into White

And what's actually on the album, which is somewhat different and in a slightly different order:

  1. Bone Machine
  2. Cactus
  3. Caribou
  4. Crackity Jones and Dead
  5. Debaser
  6. Gigantic
  7. Gouge Away
  8. Hey
  9. Nimrod's Son
  10. I Bleed
  11. Isla de Encanta
  12. Levitate Me
  13. Mr. Grieves
  14. Monkey Gone to Heaven
  15. Tame
  16. There Goes My Gun
  17. Wave of Mutilation
  18. Where is my Mind?
  19. Into the White

As you can see, the two lists have significant overlap but are not actually the same, and do not even have the same number of tracks listed. The album has two more songs than are listed, and while Vamos is not on the album, Dead, Hey, and There Goes My Gun are. I was disappointed to find out that Dead a Long Time wasn't a track I hadn't previously heard of, but I'm learning to live with the pain. Between Where is my Mind? and Into the White the crowd chants for Tony's Theme, but if they played it, it didn't make the album.

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