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Mr. Lady Records

Mr. Lady Records is an independant video and record label started, owned, and operated by Tammy Rae Carland - who had been distributing her own videos for years - and Kaia Wilson in 1996. (Wilson of the North Carolina band The Butchies, and formally of Portland's Team Dresch.) The two women started the label in order to create an outlet for feminist/political/gay/lesbian artists and to support women in music. The difference in simply being a gay musician and being a band or musician on Mr. Lady Records, is that the bands incorporate their ideas, values, beliefs and problems into their music, whether they deal with politics, sexual orientation, or art.

Naturally Mr. Lady's roster can tend to be exclusive, but the music, which jumps genres from band to band, can be enjoyed by anyone, heterosexual or homosexual. Some of the bands on thier lineup include:

Le Tigre (with Kathleen Hanna of Binkini Kill)

The Butchies

Sarah Dougher (also in Cadallaca and The Crabs)

The Moves


and others

The Mr. Lady website is extensive and often updated with tourdates, news, a store, and press. To contact Mr. Lady, which has recently moved from Durham, North Carolina, to California, write here:

Contact Mr. Lady:

MR. LADY Records & Video

PO Box 460956

San Francisco, CA 94146

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