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Mr. Silver and Mr. Grey are two robotic criminals in a series of short stories that explain all of the Biblical stories. First appearing in the anthology "The Garden of Eden" from Garden Gnome Press, the two bumbling crooks in a stolen space cruiser try to build a ranch for raising non-sentient meat cattle on a backwater planet called Earth. Unfortunately for them, Eve finds a hard-coded fruit of knowledge that helps to run the ranch and becomes sentient. Since killing sentient beings is one crime that the Galactic Authorities will pursue at all costs, Mr. Silver and Mr. Grey abandon their ranch and the humanoids spread and multiply.

For Sulphurings, the two partners in crime go back to visit their ranch to see how the cattle are coming along. They're carrying a load of worthless sulphur and were going to dump it into the sun, but they decide to dump it in orbit. The rain of fire knocks civilization back a few pegs, destroying cities. Because they just dumped the sulphur in orbit, they feel that they didn't cause any direct deaths of the humanoid cattle.

In Plugs, Mr. Silver buys a wormhole gateway on Galactic eBay. Unfortunately, there's only one of the set of two. He thinks that he can find the other end depending on what pops out. They set up the gateway in a desert on Earth and activate it. Huge torrents of water erupt out of the gateway, since the other ring is sunk on a water planet. The robots also discover that there are thousands of giant lizard skeletons and the most dangerous, ravenous beasts in the known galaxy - platypuses.

Overall, they're fun science fiction stories that explain away the unexplainable when it comes to biblical tales.

Iron Noder 2017

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