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Irish Rovers
Album: Tales to Warm Your Mind
Song Title: Mrs. Crandall's BoardingHouse
Author(s): W. Millar, G. Millar and W. McDowell

In the boarding house I live in,
Ev'rything was growing old;
Silver threads among the butter,
And the cheese was green with mold.
When the dog died we had sausages;
When the cat died catnip tea.
When the landlord died I left there,
Spareribs wre too much for me.

Chorus: Oh my Dear Missus Crandall,
I think I like you a lot;
I live in your house,
Quiet as a mouse,
Some day you'll be kind.

Girls can't change their nature,
It is quite beyond their reach;
Missus Crandall is a lemon,
She can never be a peach.
Is the one I always preach;
You can always squeeze a lemon,
Have you ever tried to squeeze a peach?


My train was in the station,
I was rushing full of care;
But I stepped on her cat and stumbled,
And fell headlong down the stairs.
Missus Crandall came up to me,
"Did you miss a step, my son?"
"No," I says,"My dear landlady,
I hit ev'ry blooming one!"

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