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I met them at the grocery store. She was the one I met first. Her attitude was what I liked about her. She was sweet yet sassy, colorful, fun and festive, a woman of real variety. I knew she was the kind of woman I could get along with. Impulsively I invited her over to my place for a party. She accepted my invitation with a warm smile. A party sounded peachy to her. We walked down the aisles searching for things to serve at the party and that’s when we met him. He was lounging against the shelves when we walked by. Naturally he was cool, calm and casual. It wasn’t until later that I met his crunchy nutty side. Mrs. Renfro seemed taken with him. The attraction was obviously mutual. I thought it’d be fun to invite him over. We discussed serving margaritas. I realized that I’d need salt for the rims of the glasses. When I returned Mrs. Renfro was snuggled into R.W. Garcia’s side.

They looked so right together sitting in the back of my car. Whatever else happened at the party I could congratulate myself on successfully hooking up Mrs. Renfro with R.W. Garcia. Her warm red heat was the perfect compliment to his robust personality. I warned him about monopolizing her. He gave me a cool blue stare and went back to her embrace. R.W. Garcia and Mrs. Renfro got along like chips and salsa that evening probably because that’s what they are. I love the vibrancy of fresh salsa but I do not regret taking a jar of Mrs. Renfro’s home. R.W. Garcia manufactures other products besides the award winning blue corn chips but the chips are what I keep bringing home for my family to enjoy. They’re thicker than regular tortilla chips, they’re crunchier and whether the flax seeds sprinkled on top are actually increasing the food value they do make the texture of the chips more interesting than brands like Tostitos.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Eventually I had to separate R.W. Garcia and Mrs. Renfro. I thought she needed to chill out so I gave her a home on the door of my refrigerator. He was cool enough on his own but I wanted to do something special for him. In my pantry I moved a bag of pretzels, threw out the rest of the Pirate's Booty and gave the place of honor to R.W. Garcia’s blue corn chips. If you invite these Mrs. Renfro and R.W. Garcia into your home you may hear strange noises in the middle of the night. Resist the urge to investigate. Most likely it’s your tummy rumbling. You’ll know soon enough what Mrs. Renfro and R.W. Garcia were doing when you see her blush. Mrs. Renfro and R.W. Garcia, a tasteful celebrity pairing suitable for most party occasions.

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