Loved? I dunno. But i tend to /msg with a lot of people, and the messages have a variable clear-out time. The ones that happen to be in my /msg buffer at any given time can combine or not in unusual ways. Some cheddarbox flotsam from here and there:
NoderR says hey, do me a favor and don't die or be converted or anything. Until you decide I deserve that tree-in-head thing.
NoderA says until next, my luscious cherry!
NoderN says No one is counting. But everything counts.
NoderB says yeah, he ain't bad. we be be da baddest cats on da block. so whadda we gonna do? pants 'im?
NoderY says if the world ended tomorrow, you wouldn't get this message since i wrote this a day ago.
NoderC says We have a psionic ability inhibitor duct taped to the top of our water tower. We had trouble with mind spells from Zeeland, the next town over back in '49
NoderX says I wish I had a pirate map with obscure riddles and badly drawn landmarks....and a wooden leg, yes a wooden leg would be great.

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