They actually do acknowledge much outside of Ontario, but the fact of the matter is they're working out of Toronto, thus they're going to have a lot of "local" stuff, which means Ontario, not all over the place. It's simply easier for them to cover events and the like that are close to them.

Much Music does have a lot of the same things that MTV does, but it's actually more Vh1'y a lot of the time, and they also have french programs every so often. ("French Kiss" is on for however long.. I remember waking up on the couch one time and wondering what the hell was going on because everything was in French.)

They also have that Live and Interactive thing, which they can't really do on MTV. Everything is on a smaller scale, I guess you'd say. I watched the MTV Music Video Awards on Much and laughed whenever the guy representing them would tell actors and people where he was from, and they'd just kind of nod or make some crack about Canada. Ahh, that sure was amusing. What I'm saying here is, MM doesn't have a whole lot of influence and it isn't that well known, unlike MTV/Vh1 which seems to be a household name. (Sickening, isn't it?)

They actually do have local talent on their sometimes, which I find pretty nifty.. that doesn't happen on MTV really.

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