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E2 Star Trek episode guide : Original Series : Season One

Mudd's Women

Episode number:
Airdate: October 13, 1966
Stardate: 1329.1

Writer: Stephen Kandel
Director: Harvey Hart

Regulars: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura
Others: Harry Mudd...Roger C. Carmel
Eve McHuron...Karen Steele
Magda Kovas...Susan Denberg
Ruth Bonaventure...Maggie Thrett
Ben Childress...Gene Dynarski
Lieutenant John Farrell...Jim Goodwin
Benton...Seamon Glass
Gossett...Jon Kowal


This is the debut of one of Star Trek's most beloved characters, the bumbling con man Harry Mudd. Mudd would appear again to antagonize the crew of the USS Enterprise, and Captain Kirk in particular, in the episode "I, Mudd" and the animated series episode "Mudd's Passion".

Story (with spoilers)

The USS Enterprise pursues a stolen freighter piloted by one Harry Mudd. Mudd's desperate and reckless attempts to avoid capture result in the freighter being destroyed in an asteroid field, but at the last second the Enterprise beams aboard Mudd and his cargo, three stunning women named Eve, Magda, and Ruth. Rescuing the quartet caused the Enterprise to burn out its dilithium crystals, so replacements must be found post haste. A furious Kirk promises to bring Mudd up on charges.

The Enterprise heads towards the nearest mining colony to replenish its dilithium. Mudd contacts the miners and strikes a bargain: his women will be the brides of the lonely bachelors in exchange for Mudd's freedom. The miners, led by one Ben Childress, agree and refuse to supply the Enterprise with the essential dilithium unless a now even more furious Kirk frees Mudd.

In another plot twist, the trio of beauties turn out not to be beautiful at all, and their looks are a result of the illegal Venus drug. The miners are so lonely that they don't care, however, and the miners and the women all settle down. The Enterprise gets its dilithium. Everyone is happy, except for poor Harry, who remains in custody.


  • Susan Denberg appeared in Playboy in 1967.
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