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President of Algeria in 1992. A veteran of the independence struggle, one of the leaders of the National Liberation Front (FLN), and deputy prime minister in the first FLN government, under Ahmed Ben Bella. But he disagreed with Ben Bella and went into exile in Morocco.

In December 1991 the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) had won a large vote in national elections, and looked set to take power if the second round went ahead. In January 1992 the military applied pressure, President Chadli resigned, and a ruling council was set up. Muhammad Boudiaf was recalled from exile to head it, as he was a hero of the war of independence but free of the corruption that had plagued FLN rulers after him. The second round elections were never held; violence between Islamists and the military escalated into civil war, and on 29 June 1992 Boudiaf was assassinated by one of his bodyguards, who apparently had FIS links.

Born in M'Sila on 23 June 1919, he fought for France in the Second World War, but by 1950 had joined with Ahmed Ben Bella and Houari Boum├ędienne, who in 1954 formed the FLN. He was imprisoned between 1956 and 1962.

The High State Council, now chaired by Ali Kafi, continued for eighteen months after his death; until it was replaced by the presidency of Liamine Zeroual.

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