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This is the one bone of contention among real golfers. Do you get a mulligan (a "do over" for non golfers) on the first tee or not? When you have a recent President of the United States who takes a mulligan every time he hits a shot that doesn't suit him, what are you to do?

I say, one mulligan on the first tee, and that's it. Unless I am up first and hit a great drive, then I say, "No mulligans; ever again in this group!"

An expression used in gaming in general (board games, card games, etc.) meaning a second chance where luck is involved. The mulligan makes sure that bad luck won't make the game too unbalanced, and is usually only available the first turn (or at game start). How the mulligan is implemented differs from game to game, and can be a dice reroll (e.g. Titan) or a reshuffle (e.g. Magic: The Gathering).

I assume the term is adopted from golf, after reading dannye's writeup.

Irish Mulligan


  • sliced onions
  • can of corned beef (15 oz)
  • large can of tomatoes (28 oz)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • a slice of bread

Saute a pan full of sliced onions, stir in can of corned beef, throw in a large can of tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste (won't take much if any salt), bring to a boil, serve over a slice of bread.


The "do-over" of any shot in any game, pertains particularly to golf, esp. the first shot off of the first tee. High Handicap golfers often take the majority of mulligans, or the low handicapper on the home course, where mulligans are par (for the...). A term to be familiar with for any beginning trudger of the sod.

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