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First of all Multiple Man is a superhero from X-Factor. He had the X-Factor uniform and wore a trenchcoat. He could Multiply himself as many times as he wished and fought pretty much by hand-to-hand combat that way and by overwhelming his enemies with his "multiplied selves."

This node is NOT about Multiple Man the superhero, but the idea. Science has allowed us to clone individuals; be they human, animal, plant, etc. So physically we've achieved the idea of the Multiple man. If I clone myself 10 times, I can get 10 melodrame dudes wandering around. But would we all think the same thing at the same time? See things at the same time? Well the answer (I think) is no. Simply because physically they are the same, but not consciously.

So my first question is how would we go abouts "cloning" somebody's consciousness? I'm a Trekkie, so one of the solutions would maybe the Borg Method where the Borg Collective link their minds together and think together and see things together. So alright, one of the ways to "clone" consciousness is by (I guess) networking my melodrame dudes together.

But One thing still remains. Although the clones can think together, they still have their individual thoughts. How so? They still have identity. Sure you can think together, but nobody can do absolutely everything the same way. For instance, with the Borg, they still have designations (Seven of Nine); some are in charge of tactics, some in navigation, some in looking hella attractive. The only way (that I can think of) to clone an identity is by making an individual do absolutely everything the same, think the same. But that's impossible. Why? Time and space does not permit us.

For example, let's say my melodrame dudes were square dancing across North America. The first melodrame dude is in New York, the second is in Toronto, the third one is in Montana, the fourth one in California and the fifth one in the Yukon. They're doing absolutely the same square dance, BUT time: not the same timezone, space: not the same location. Another note about time, could you really synchronize something at an infinite precision?

There's also another factor to consider: time interpretation. I remembered how I LOVED Knight Rider when I was a kid, but when I watched it the other day, I was like "oh my god, lame..." So that's one of the problems, time changes us. Is it because of the deterioration of innnocence or the change in standards? Hard to say.

There are several good things about being a Multiple Man:
1. You can multiply yourself when you die and have that "clone" obtain your wisdom, experiences, memories, etc.
2. You can Multi-Task! Play Diablo II, use BitchX, hack, square dance, etc.
3. You don't need to talk, misunderstandings wouldn't exist, because you all share the same consciousness. Sorta like Telepathy!
4. Oh...mutual masturbation feels good. j/k!

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