So I was sitting there one day, listening to some Home For A Rest, which is the greatest drinking song of all time. I thought to myself that there aren't enough compilations of songs that are good for getting hammered to. The Frosh CDs probably come closest. So I decided to make a few. I went and arranged songs that either deal with drinking, or that I myself enjoy hearing while I'm drinking. When I finally decided to quit, I had 6 CD's worth of music. These are designed to be burned onto a CD that can hold 80 minutes of music. Feel free to do so, but if you do, do me a favour and have a drink for me.

Vol I: Vol II Vol III Vol IV Vol V Vol VI
1: I'm not sure who actually did this song, as I just grabbed it off audiogalaxy. If you know, /msg me and I'll gladly update this.
2: This is one of the drinking songs of my fraternity. Unless you're a member, or a friend of one, I doubt it would be possible for you to find a copy of it. I also don't really see why you'd want it on your CD if you were making a copy of this.

Thanks to Segnbora-t for informing me that Yello did the song from the Ferris Bueller's Day Off Soundtrack .

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