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Mutoscope, a device for exhibiting instantaneous pictures of moving objects taken by the kinetograph or similar instrument. Photographic prints from the series of pictures thus obtained are mounted in consecutive order around a cylinder standing out like the leaves of a book. When this cylinder is slowly revolved, the picture cards being held back by a stop, and allowed to snap past the eye one by one, as one thumbs the leaves of a book, an apparently moving picture is the result.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

Mu"to*scope (?), n. [L. mutare to change + -scope.]

A simple form of moving-picture machine in which the series of views, exhibiting the successive phases of a scene, are printed on paper and mounted around the periphery of a wheel. The rotation of the wheel brings them rapidly into sight, one after another, and the blended effect gives a semblance of motion.


© Webster 1913

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