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basically everything is spoiled in this review. its a season review.
Season 8 Sucked.

And every moment of it was intentional.

The writers, and cast, were completely aware Entourage had turned into an absolutely horrible show. After the (also terrible) Season 7 finale there was literally no way they could save the show and come back with something as good as like, season 3 or 4.

Or so you thought.

Rather than bother to actually write anything for laughs, they decided to play everything straight. Everything. They decided to completely derail the series and cap it off with an ending that makes not a shred of sense at all.

Until you think about it. But more on that later.

To really enjoy Entourage season 8, you have to acknowledge that it is terrible. Unlike most fiction which asks for a suspension of disbelief, which is impossible with material this ludicrous, the writers instead ask you for a suspension of reasonable expectations. Everything you think you know about Entourage and its characters and their personalities is brutally subverted in season 8, with continuity shattering ramifications but hilarious results. This is avant garde art.

If you acknowledge Entourage season 8 is beyond atrocious, and try to enjoy it anyways, you'll find it hilarious. Every melodramatic moment instead becomes a giant joke.

Turtle burning down the house by tossing his joint into the drapes? Hilarious.

Ari's near total emasculation by his chef-screwing wife and the death of all that was funny(in the played for laughs sense) in his character? A riot.

The cokehead producer blowing his brains out, according to Turtle, Turtle then being traumatized by seeing brains, developing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and then recovering completely later in the episode? Hysterical.

Andrew Dice Clay's borderline personality disorder fueled rants and the complete collapse of the only good project in Drama's career? It had me in stitches.

E banging Sloan's stepmom? Brilliance.

Sloan telling E that she's pregnant? I was crying from laughter.

E telling Sloan he loves her and that he'd kill for her? Completely deadpan? Instant classic.

Do I have to keep going on?

How about Vincent Chase sending Turtle and Johnny Drama to holler at women for him? The ridiculously corny DVD they make? Vince's lame attempts at running game on Sophia?

This brings me to my next point.

The end is genius. Pure genius.

Vince's hare-brained idea to marry Sophia 2 days after they've started dating? Write that one off to Vince being off drugs, and clearly brain damaged as a result of them. Hes totally out of his mind. The rationally thinking and processing centers in Vince's brain have been turned off or destroyed. Sophia has no plans to marry him. She's a journalist who was doing a piece on him that she's still yet to publish. Why is that? Because she's planning to write an expose on him and his insanity.

Sloan and E are going to break up once she finds out that he actually banged Melinda.

Sloan's dad will probably end up shooting him after being diagnosed with a terminal illness or suffering a heart attack or stroke from the stress that whiny Napoleon complex has caused him. Sloan will inherit all of her Dad's money and destroy Drama's career.

Scott, who at this point somehow has the clearest head on the show, will take over the company, by aggression if necessary, and E will be out of a job because Scott won't be willing to work with him since he sees him as a liability now. If Sloan's dad hasn't had him killed or done it himself by then.

After Vince blows his money from Avion on insane ideas he has that Turtle warned him against, and Sophia publishes her sensationalist story on him, he'll be out of work. And Turtle will be left as the only one with a job and a steady stream of income.

Ari's wife will end up leaving him after he realizes that he loves being King of Hollywood more than her and Dana Gordon will take the broken, castrated, but newly made Billionaire Ari back and be his willing studio head Queen. Yes, Ari actually does enjoy work more than being with his family and only has any actual romantic chemistry with Dana. Is that a surprise to anyone? That's been part of his character since day 1. The telephone conversation at the end heavily implies this.

All the reconciliations at the end of the show? There's zero stability in them. Its again, another genius subversion of the entire show and everything that it has built up. Its actually a pretty depressing ending for nearly everyone on the show, and arguably the best season of the series depending on interpretation.

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