My eyes slit open and register the tinge of light from under the curtain. I focus on the face of my watch.

It's 6am, and my lover sleeps.

I snuggle into his back, skin on skin, my lips moving in a smile against his neck, breath stirring his hair.

And my lover sleeps.


It's seven o'clock. I rub my face over the skin of his upper back. Kiss his shoulder. I press my mound against his buttocks and sigh softly in his ear.

He mumbles and sleeps.


The light is brighter now, and I am awake. I run my fingers over his thigh, and sculpt my lower body tightly against him. 
My palm strokes gently along his thigh from his knee and I take his soft warm balls into the palm of my hand.

I grin at the morning wood I feel.

I kiss his neck where it joins his body, and possibly I whimper, just a little.

My lover...


My lover rolls over, taking himself from my hand, covering himself with his leg, and...


I laugh under my breath and get my book.

I read half-heartedly, unable to loose myself in the story, and my free hand traces the curve of my lover's buttocks. My eyes keep slipping out of the story and lighting on his face.

He sighs ... slightly grumpily, and twitches.

I take my hand away and give myself to the story.


It's eleven o'clock now, and you know what?

My lover's still sleeping.

I get my clothes and shower.

When I'm clean and dressed, I come back.

I pick things up from the floor, too restless to be still, moving quietly around the room as... lover persists in sleeping.

I sit on the bed and he wakes.

"Eleven thirty" he mumbles.

"Yes, I noticed." I'm feeling arch.

He pulls me down to him and our lips meet and I'm wrapped in his warm arms and my hand goes where it likes best to be...

...and notices that my lover is... awake now. Most definitely.

I stroke. I fondle. I make my hand into a shape for him to thrust gently through.

I smile into his eyes and he breaks the kiss.

My lover is not sleeping now. Not even slightly.

And it's 12 o'clock...
... and I have to leave.

and he says, breathlessly...

"Why didn't you wake me up and do this hours ago?"

  Time stops uninvited, lost in a curve of her lips,
     and a slow wind plays like a child with her hair.
     My lover sleeps.

  Sky above her is covered with clouds, stopped to look at her face for a moment.
     They huddle and crowd and jump to look over each others shoulders.
     She smiles in her dream.

  My lover sleeps

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