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My wife and I are slowly separating. We are both dissatisfied with our lives together. We don't have anything in common any more.

Nothing is more painful than seeing someone you love unhappy because of your presence. Should I leave her and the kids? Would she be better off without me?

I haven't been a good husband. I have not done those things that show her how much I love her. She has felt lonely, unloved, unwanted, and I have not shown her that I cared.

She got in touch with an old friend, someone she knew before she met me. They ended up getting closer than they probably should have. He took her to Hawaii for a weekend, ostensibly to go to another friend's wedding. She says they never had sex, that their relationship wasn't physical.

I said I could forgive her. We both said we would try to make it work.

We used to be so happy...

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