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Rap by KRS-One, off of the 1988 album By All Means Neccesary. After the first Boogie Down Productions album, Criminal Minded, KRS-One wanted to do a somewhat more intellectual album. My Philosophy was the opening track of that album, where KRS-One considered some philosophical issues of what it meant to rap, and also, of course, being who he is, he dissed some suckers.

Half way through the recording of the song, KRS-One's DJ, and BDP co-founder, Scott LaRock was killed while trying to settle a fight between some teenagers. KRS-One doesn't explicitly mention this in the song, but at the close of the 2nd verse, after comparing eating meat to suicide, he refers to Scott LaRock in the past tense, the only explicit mention of Scott's death in the album. A great moment in hip-hop understatement. In fact, one of the few moments in hip-hop understatement.

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