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I have come to the end of the week, and with the washing machine having suffered a major hernia (perhaps something to do with the cat hair blocking the pump – but the cat’s clean) and been out of action for a while, and due to sheer laziness, I have no clean clothes left. I have resorted to searching the back of the wardrobe for a shirt.

You know when you get some hideous paisley green and purple number for your birthday from your mother, grandmother or even girlfriend/boyfriend? You have to put it in the back of the wardrobe where they are not likely to see it, but it is available upon request if they enquire as to it’s whereabouts.

Well, this morning I was forced to get one of these out and put it on. That isn’t so bad, the bad thing is that I have to wear it at work, and being a Friday, if I decide to go out for a drink, the wider public will see me in it. Oh the humanity!

Shirt description: It is a navy-blue, long sleeved jobbie, with a collar – and oh what a collar (more on that shortly). The material is a fine corduroy which is fluffy to the touch. This makes it particularly susceptible to picking up lint. Being navy-blue, everything that sticks to it shows up and I am covered in white fluff. The collar has a mind of it’s own, and sticks up at awkward angles, much like cat’s ears, swivelling around picking up radio signals.

Suffice to say: I am particularly unhappy about my apparel of choice today, but as stated earlier, there was very little I could do about it. I will have to go home tonight and beat some washing on a near-by river rock to let me have something to wear next week.

Should you find yourself in a similar predicament in future, I say go nekkid or buy another shirt.

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