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Whenever I'm really sick with a fever or just extremely sleep deprived, sometimes I sleep walk. At times it's when I'm awakened suddenly without getting enough sleep and still between that waking and dream state, or it comes randomly. I'm always awake and can remember what went on, but it's like being in another reality...

"Dad is taking over the world!!" I scream at the top of my lungs in my sister Deborah's bedroom, standing at the foot of her bed with my eyes wild. She peers at me sleepily and pulls the covers over her head, obviously too tired to deal with my frantic state of mind. I bolt out of her bedroom and into my parent's room.

"Deborah is taking over the world!!" I scream at the top of my lungs. My parents wake up suddenly and stare at me in amazement, but I just keep repeating, "Deborah is going to take over the world! Deborah is going to take over the world!!" I run out of their bedroom and down the hall, in a monkey-like fashion.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Wha...? My mom is standing in front of me. I'm standing in the hall, it's dark, and all I can think is my sister wants to take over the world.

Another time, I'm sleeping on the bed in the computer room. I awaken suddenly and start screaming at my father in incomprehensible sentences.

"Stop carrying my books! I want to carry my books!" My dad is looking at me strangely and tries to console me, but I just start clawing at him desperately.

"Oh my god! They're taking my fucking books, all of them, it's disappearing!!"

"Shhh," my dad whispers. I start laughing hysterically.

"It's okay, dad. It's okay." And I go to sleep.


Someone's knocking on my door. It's time to wake up, go to school. I've been up all night MUDding, killing monsters (and other players), gaining experience, equipment, etc, etc.

"NO! I can't get up. I need my leggings. Where are my leggings?" I'm screaming. I'm throwing the blankets all over the place and screaming at the door, throwing anything in reach at it. Books, papers, pens, half full cans of Coke.

"What?" comes the voice from the other side.

"I need my leggings. I think they're ripped. I can't go without my leggings!"

Well, I certainly didn't go to school that day.

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