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It's finished now. 
Well, the official bits, anyway.

The funeral is months in the past... We've disposed of almost all of his things... His death certificate is properly filed away in case of need... His ashes are in the bottom of the side of my wardrobe I never open.

And today I went to collect the "personal effects" he had with him in the car the night he died.

I don't know quite what I was expecting, really. His wallet, perhaps. A wristwatch, or the clothes he died in...

But I did not expect two large brown paper bags filled with the 1/3 of a bottle of bourbon he didn't drink, and the hose he fed the exhaust into the car with (and receipts for both, from just before he died.) I didn't expect the tinsnips he'd used to trim the hose to the right proportions to fit the pipe exactly.

I thought I was collecting the last bits and pieces of his life... 

Not the instruments of his death.

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