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I'm sure as kids, we all have had some imaginary persona we took on. I took on a super-hero persona and fought imaginary battles in my big backyard in the heart of the city. The neighborhood was pretty safe so I usually could fight some of the battles in the flat, short stretch of street by my house. Most of the persona stems from my lack of socialization from the ages of 5-8 and my fascination with comic books. My super-hero persona was called Turbo. I even came up with an alter ego for him and a back story.

Turbo's alter ego is an aged T.S. (Time Storm) officer named James Marrick. The whole world is set in the future. There are rips in time, which become what are called, "Time Storms". James is sent off to check out a fluxing Time Storm, which appears to be popping up then disappearing now and again. The trouble with Time Storm's is that they can take something out of our time or bring something back from the future. This doesn't happen too often, but when it does you never know what to expect.

James moves in with his comrades on the last location of the Time Storm popping up. As they close in, James sees an object in a clear area. It's metallic and seemed to be glowing.

"I'm going in. I want to check this thing out. Cover me if anything starts to look fishy. I don't want some mutant animal jumping at me from behind."

James moves in. The metallic object becomes clearer. It appears to be a belt. James slowly reaches for it and pick it up. James glares at it for a bit, hoping something, anything, would happen.

"Ok boys. It's ok." Waving belt. "Let's send this to the guys at analysis." A call comes in on James' ear-com, "It appears the storm is gone. Come on back." So James and his men head back to HQ.

Usually I skip the analysis part in my mind, because I want to get my super-powers. I pretend I put on the belt and I start to tingle and before I know it, I am a SUPER-POWERED, EXTRA STRONG, CYBORG! In my mind I imagine a tall, sleek, metal armored, me. I (or Turbo) can change my body into any type of vehicle or technology (like a jetpack) with the belt on. I can even pull out weapons that haven't been invented yet. Nobody knows that Turbo is James Marrick. James uses his T.S. info to locate and destroy incoming threats to earth. Most of the villains come from the Time Storms. The villains are generally mutated atrocities of a future science. Except for Turbo's evil arch-villain......(Duh, DUH, DUh), Ionis the Human Supernova!

Ionis was transformed from being a normal earthling to a supercharged, atomic being after a space mission gone wrong. It was kind of a Fantastic Four thing. Being a multi-billionaire, he was able to buy and drive his own space ship. He decided to fly it as far as it could go on that fateful day. Ionis was sucked into a black hole, in which little is known of what happened, but when he came back to earth he was transformed into an atomic being. The incredible power drove him mad. He started making havoc on the people of earth. What made him even deadlier, is he discovered he could travel through the Time Storms.

The battles between Turbo and Ionis are epic. Ionis has had sometimes got one over on Turbo, weakening him until he can't even stand. Then Turbo usually makes a triumphant come back by mustering all the strength he has left and blasts Ionis. Turbo then generates a black hole through his black hole generator weapon and sends Ionis back to where he came from.

Childhood fantasies can seem so real, that is until you get friends. As I got older and became more social, Turbo became a mere memory of a wild imagination. I will always remember my adventures as Turbo, but lets hope I don't start pretending to blast mutant cyborg pigeons at the grocery store

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