2019 Jan 15

10 minutes: What's that in the road? A hat or crow.

It's black. I happen to be wearing my wizard outfit. Black. But I do need a hat.

Maybe it's my lucky day. I stop by the side of the road and get out. The sun is no longer visible, but the stars are only barely bright enough to make out.

Are those feathers being blown by the wind? I approach the black clump hoping it's not just road kill. It's fuzzy, but does not look like an animal. My hands reach down, carefully. It is getting too dark now and my night vision hasn't been very good in a long time. Hope it doesn't bite.

I push it over with my finger. Flop. It's not alive. I pick it up. It's soft and feathery. I explore its shape with my hand. Well I'll be. It really is a hat. Covered with feathers. Quite the lucky find, at least for today.

I head back to my vehicle. Wait, did I get turned around? I look down the road in the other direction. It's gone! What? I try not to panic. I check my pockets. My phone was in there.

A loud screech erupts from overhead. I feel the air being beaten by its wings. Its wingspan covers the evening sky. I know what's happening now.

New hat goes on my head. I duck into a ball and bend my shape into a tiny blackbird.

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