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I was fairly proud of my ability (which required super human powers of course) to ride a bike when I was just a tyke. None of the other kids could ride bikes yet (their feet couldn't reach the pedals, but I was tall), and I took advantage of every time my mom asked if I wanted to go the park for a bike ride.

So one day my mom offered, and we went on a bike ride in Washington Park. I snapped on my helmet, put my feet on the pedals and started off like a bat out of hell. Thinking I was so cool, I would hum the childhood equivalent of Spy Break. I snickered as the younger kids on the playground stared in awe at my pedaling fury.

I was enjoying myself to say the least, when my mom called from behind and asked if I was doing alright. I looked back and waved with a smile on my face.


I should've been watching where I was going instead of looking back at my mother. I went straight into a tree. My mom came running over, worried that I might be injured. My knee was bleeding a little, and I scraped my arm. No permanent damage. However, the kids on the playground were no longer staring in admiration, they were laughing at me. I was disturbed, and decided to vent my anger at my mother.

"Are you alright honey?!"


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