A new Hooters restaurant opened up here in town a few weeks ago, so a few guys from work and I decided to go have a look. Being a relatively conservative person when it comes to dealings with the opposite sex, I was a little embarrassed about showing up in such an establishment, devoted as it is to objectifying women. Upon entering, I noticed that the place was very clean, adorned with hardwood everything (an intentional pun, perhaps?), and resplendant in sports memorabilia, TV's tuned to ESPN, and beer signs.

So far, it was pretty demeaning. It was fratboy heaven, I suppose, as it was meant to be.

We sat down and our waitress approached. I was suprised to see that she was not crazily adorned in silicone, but rather a normally-proportioned, attractive girl. Even more interesting was the fact that she interacted with us. I chatted with her a bit about working conditions, since I had spent several years as a waiter, and she held up a conversation! Needless to say, I was rather impressed. When you come in expecting the worst, even the slightest hint of normality and approachability is something to be impressed about.

The menu read like a bad Dear Penthouse letter. No food innuendo was left unused, no sexually connotated play on words left unprinted. However, the food was suprisingly good, and had large, filling portions. Even though it came doused in Hooters' patented innuendo sauce, my chicken breast sandwich was a delight.

So, what's the point? Don't judge a Hooters girl just because of where she works. You can judge the creators of the place, because they're pretty crass and unenlightend. However, you get a lot of food, and it's pretty good food at that.

Just don't grab anything you're not supposed to, and remember, your waitress can't leave until you do. Be kind and don't stay too long after her shift is up.

I felt pretty similar to AproxyButt on my first trip to a Hooters. Since than I have been to quite a few and some similar establishments. I really have no problem with it anymore. If guys want to ogle women in tight t-shirts while paying for overpriced beer and ok food and girls want to get paid for it. So be it. They are almost always very attractive girls, but they aren't supermodels either, so don't expect to see Victoria Secrets models working there. Most of them probably don't earn enough to afford a good boob-job (not that many of them need one).

I have more of a problem with my friends who think the waitresses talk to them for any other reason than to increase their tip. Ok maybe that isn't always the case and maybe after she talks to you for a bit she does think you are an ok guy. But she is never going to go out with a customer, if she did she probably wouldn't be working there very long. Most of them are very nice girls working their way through college or something, but wake up, they are paid to be nice to you, it is part of their job.

In summary it is a nice place to eat, watch some sports, hang with your buds, and to have a short fantasy where a beautiful woman pays attention to you for a short bit.

yes, I am a cynical bastard.

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