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I think it was probably an accident.

Leaving the movie theatre after watching Spy Game, my parents and I found our Jeep parked next to a brand new Jaguar convertible. We stood around and stared for a while, taking in the dark cherry red beauty of the thing. My mother said, "I always wanted one of those." We stood around and stared some more at this symbol of wealth and worth that we could never possibly afford. I could see my mother was driving it in her daydreams. Then my dad leaned over and unlocked the door of the Jeep, causing it to swing wide. For a long second marked only by the steady arc of the door, my parents watched in a quiet, frozen, abstract horror as a limb of their extremely yellow car swept towards the shiny new Jaguar. Then it connected, quite solidly, with the dark cherry red mirror, leaving a long, sun-yellow streak and knocking the mirror to one side. For another long second we stood there, staring in further horror, and then my dad said, "Everyone in the car now!"

We were gone in less than ten seconds.

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