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One night I walked outside to catch a glimpse of the fading moonlight and I caught a glimpse of a jaded, detached soul. Instantly, I felt sorry for the ethereal being, having no body to call it's own and fill with spiritual thoughts and feelings.

So I followed her.

One cannot understand how to go about detecting the presence of something like a soul until they come into contact with one that wants to be realized. I felt that need more than anything that night as I wandered along the dark highway. What did she want with me? I must know.

So I asked her.

Verbal replies can sometimes be rude, emotional, and long-winded. I now know that this is due to human nature perverting what the soul wishes to convey. What she told me, she told me through feeling. An intense, slightly naseuating feeling envoloped my existence. The answer was both sufficient and accusing. I asked if this could possibly be true.

She assented.

But how? I wondered aloud. Didn't I read to you and teach you and nurture your growth? Did I not make every effort I could to ensure that you would be safe within the protective confines of my emtional reluctance? I never hurt you.

And so I saw. . .

And now she resides with me once again. Sometimes I allow her to go about on her on, learning those things which I never taught her, those things that I want her to learn.

Perhaps she can teach me, too. . .

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