No other American export has been able to uncover for foreigners the deep inner workings of the American mind and reveal the day to day lives of the average American. Jerry Springer the moral guardian of American society has taught me many things and made me wish to be more American. Indeed I would like to be Uber-American in every way, shape and form.

Whether I like it or not everything that I consume in product and in information is doused in a healthy splash of The American Way. Even a 24hr continuous barium enema won't wash away it's pervasive influence. Profiteers drool at the thought of importing America and pushing its icons and mindset through every medium and orifice possible.

Logos, catch phrases and corporate greed grow like rampant weeds over every living being, smothering the story of everyday life, packaging it like an easy to swallow narcotic - turning us into dislocated American zombies ready to obey every simple command without thought or care.

The slow drift has begun, and sometimes I care and sometimes I don't.

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