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Mythicon was a third party producer of Atari 2600 games. They hoped to get a lot of customers by selling games at way below the standard market prices. But their games were terrible. They charged $9.95 each for their games, but they were so awful that even $1.99 would have been a bit too much.

They actually released three games altogether. But they were all actually reworked versions of the same exact game. Theses games were quickly programmed by the company, and quickly forgotten by the players. The only really noteworthy thing about this company is that they released a space game called Starfox more than a decade before Nintendo did, and they probably could have sued the pants off Nintendo, if the company had survived that long.

Mythicon Games
  • Firefly - This is a bad bug related spaceship game. The instruction manual to this one was littered with spelling errors.

  • Sorcerer - Destroy wave after wave of evil creatures in this game.

  • Starfox - Yet another bad space game.

Mythicon game cartridges are black with a title in red text (both on the end, and on the front of the cartridge). They feature some mighty fine pictures of the games (the pictures are actually better than the games).

Mythicon also is known for the fact that they copied they Evil Otto character from Berzerk into all of their games. All three Mythicon games have Evil Otto in them, and he matches the Evil Otto from the Atari 2600 version of Berzerk, right down to the last pixel. (You couldn't do that sort of thing today. The lawyers would have a field day).

It was companies like Mythicon that caused the video game crash of 1983. There were literally dozens of these little crappy companies selling their horrible little games, the market couldn't support them all, and even good manufacturers had trouble staying in business.

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