Just like every other sport, hockey has its own collection of nicknames. Here are some famous hockey players and their respective nicknames. Feel free to add any I've forgotten.

Hall of Famers:

Wayne Gretzky : The Great One
The greatest hockey player of all time. Period.

Gordie Howe : Mr. Hockey
When you play for more than 25 years, they call you Mister.

Bobby Hull : The Golden Jet
One of the fastest players, his golden locks fluttering behind him.

Maurice Richard : The Rocket
Fast and fiery.

Henri Richard : The Pocket Rocket
The younger and smaller brother of Maurice, he won 11 Stanley Cups.

Yvan Cournoyer : Roadrunner
Meep Meep!.

Mario Lemiuex : The Magnificent One
There can be only one Great One, so this is the next best thing. (I know he's active again, but he's still a "Hall-of-Famer")

Frank Brimsek : Mister Zero
When a goalie gets a shutout as often as he did, the nickname sticks.

Georges Vezina : The Chicoutimi Cucumber
From the Quebec town of Chicoutimi, when he first played against the Montreal Canadiens in an amateur game, the scouts noticed he was as cool as a cucumber. They quickly signed him to a contract.

Guy Lafleur : The Flower
"Fleur" means "flower" in French.

Larry Robinson : Big Bird
A tall man, he got his nickname from the Sesame Street character.

Bernie Geoffrion : Boom-Boom
The sound his slapshots made when they hit the boards in the arena.

Frank Mahovlich : The Big M
At 6' and 205 lbs (rather big for the early 1960s), Mahovlich can be considered to be one of the first true power forwards.

Pavel Bure : The Russian Rocket
The skating style and prolific scoring by this Russian remind people of Maurice Richard.

Brett Hull : The Golden Brett
As talented as his father Bobby Hull.

Eric Lindros : The Next One
Hyped to follow in the footsteps of Mario and Wayne, injuries have cut short his career.

Jaromir Jagr : Mario Jr.
Originally in the shadow of Mario Lemieux, a quick anagram of his first name produced this moniker.

Dominik Hasek : The Dominator
When he plays his best in net, nobody can beat him.

Mark Messier : Moose
Big, mean and nasty.

Teemu Selanne : The Finnish Flash
From Finland, he burst on to the scene by setting records for goals, and points by a rookie.

Patrick Roy : Saint Patrick and King of the Crease
With four Stanley Cups and countless records and awards, these nicknames seem only fitting.

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