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National broadcasting company of Norway. State owned and had a monopoly on television and radio until the 1980s. Transmitted it first broadcast in 1923, one year after BBC was established, making it one of Europe's veteran broadcasters. Now operates several television and radio channels almost free from advertising, paid for by an obligatory licence fee.

NRK operates the following channels:

  • NRK1 (main Norwegian television channel)
  • NRK2 (secondary channel to NRK1)
  • P1 (radio)
  • P2 (radio)
  • Petre (radio, popular music and entertainment)
  • Alltid Nyheter ("Always news")
  • Alltid Klassisk ("Always classical")
  • NRK Metro
  • NRK Stortinget (Norwegian parliament live)
  • Internasjonalt tilbud (International service)
  • NRK1 Tekst-TV (teletext)
  • NRK Sámi Radio
  • Distrikt (District news)

Today NRK is competing against several other commercial broadcasters in television and radio, most notably TV2 and P4. NRK1 is still Norways largest on television, and had a 38.6% share of the total view time during the first half of 2000.

NRK is an acronym for "Norsk Rikskringkastning", meaning Norwegian State Broadcasting.

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