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New Wad Tools. A utility program by Denis Muller for editing Doom WAD files. One of the programs that taught me how to make sprites. NWT allows you to browse through the index of resources in a WAD, play the midi music and WAV sounds therein, and view both the 8-bit colour bitmaps and the composite wall textures that can be built from them. Most of the text in a Doom game is stored in the .EXE itself, so requires a seperate utility such as DEHackEd to edit. NWT can be used to import and export new textures, music, sounds, levels and sprites into the main game file (IWAD) or an addon file (PWAD). It is particularly useful for working with new sprites, as DOS Doom does not allow sprites to be "patched" in at runtime - all the sprites must come from the same source and have the correct resource numbers. NWT also lets you easily alter the offsets and view the transparent areas on each image. The complete list of formats it worked with : GIF, PCX, WAD, RAW, VOC and WAV. Worked with all versions of Doom and Doom II, and also Heretic (except, of course, the shareware versions).

Things I did with this program :

  • Built new and replacement wall textures
  • Made longer animated wall and floor textures
  • Added non-hostile NPC's (civilians) by replacing and DeHacked-ing several scenery objects.
  • Changed sounds
  • Built 3 or 4 new weapons and set up their behaviours in DeHackEd
  • Added more blood
  • Changed the title screens, logos, menus and status bar
  • Implemented an all-new home-made enemy sprite to replace the Baron of Hell
  • Eventually corrupted my Doom2.wad file. Oops.

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