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Nabiki Tendou (Age 17) is the middle sister of Kasumi Tendou (Age 19) and Akane Tendou (Age 16) in the manga/anime Ranma ½

The enterprising one of the bunch who knows how to turn a quick Yen as her only ambition is making money. Always cynical and sarcastic, she adds an interesting twist to the saga, offering either advice (or trouble) to Ranma and Akane on their engagement. When the choice was arranged by Genma Saotome and Soun Tendou as to which of the Tendou sisters Ranma was to marry, Kasumi and her immediately picked Akane as the fiancé since "Akane hates boys, and Ranma is half-girl".

She is also akin to going behind both their backs and selling photo's of a half-dressed Onna-Ranma or a Martial-Arts-practicing Akane to upperclassman Tatewaki Kuno (who is madly in love with both of them).

Nabiki will mostly be on the sidelines of any conflict, she will be the one starting pools and placing wagers to serve her own purposes. The only one in the family who seems to be bringing in any kind of money and even then it's usually by blackmail or extortion. She never ceases to cause Ranma trouble, since it would seem that he is an easy target due to his unfortunate dip in the Nyannichuan in Jusenkyo.

Japanese seiyuu by Takayama Minami.
English voice acting by Angela Costain.

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