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Nakamikado was the 114th Emperor of Japan, according to the official chronology. Born Prince Yasuhito to Emperor Higashiyama in 1701, Nakamikado ascended to the throne on July 17, 1709, upon his father's abdication, and reigned until his own abdication on April 13, 1735, when he was succeeded by his son Sakuramachi.

The early years of Nakamikado's reign were marked by peace and prosperity that still lingered from the good times of the Genroku Era, and were enlivened by the political machinations surrounding the infant shoguns Ienobu and Ietsugu. However, the final years of his tenure were darkened by the chaotic events surrounding the Kyoho Famine of 1732.

Nakamikado died in cloistered retirement in 1737.

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