This term is used to describe the powers of persuasion given to attractive members of the opposite sex, and sometimes same sex, (because, hey, some people swing that way)when these attractive people are totally naked. When exposed to these people, one often finds their will to say, "No" to anything greatly reduced. On the other hand, their will to agree with the naked person, usually becomes very powerful. This is an attempt of your part to take advantage of the current state of the naked person, while unknowlingly; the first person, or naked person, has led you into a state of almost total agreeability. This agreeability can lead to you forgetting earlier inhibitions and making strange agreements you usually wouldn't make in the right mind. This affect is usually stronger on males. This is the all-powerful naked power. All ye new to the world of sex, take these words into consideration, and always carry a blindfold. Blindfolds can serve dual purposes.

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