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Hay-zoos pushed me from behind, out into the cold dark air, and I smacked against the ground with a pwack that stung like nothing I'd ever felt before as I rolled off, into a ditch. The deal had gone sour, and he was just being 'nice' enough to let me go. Of course, this didn't stop him from stripping me down to my bare ass and tossing me out of a moving vehicle.

"Nevah, evah, evah pull any shit like dat again, bitch!"

I couldn't believe he'd talk to me that way... He'd get his all right. Just because the rest of the group can't remotely handle any amount of pressure whatsoever, doesn't mean I screwed up. More importantly, even if I did, I expect to be reprimanded, punished even, but not just left.

I certainly didn't expect, welcome, or deserve this.

So... it's cold out, I'm looking for something to cover up my body with, but more importantly, I'm going to be giving out some serious ass beatings to some people that pissed off the wrong guy.

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