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I have a band: http://www.bredbored.com/
I run a MUD: http://ar.static.net/
I take pictures: http://rakis.net/~nalgas/pics/index.cgi
I post random crap: http://rakis.net/~nalgas/

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When psychiatric drugs attack, but only if I can turn my experience into something interesting
Mac OS 7.5.5!
Dogfish Head?

Not to be clichéd or anything, but i'd like to make the same request as a lot of people have: downvoters pleaase at least tell me why you don't like what I did. If you don't tell me what's wrong, how am I supposed to make it better and not make that mistake next time?

Also, anyone who's sent me a message worthy of a reply who hasn't gotten a reply: I'm kind of shy with people I don't know, and I'm a little intimidated by the whole catbox/messaging deal, but don't think I have anything against you. I'll try to figure out what I'm doing and get around to responding in less than a year.

Continuing on with my horribly formatted homenode, here's the story of my name, since that's what I get comments on the most. Way back in high school, many moons ago, I took some rather interesting Spanish classes. We were encouraged to take Spanish names, presumably to get in the spirit of speaking and hearing Spanish-sounding things, but as we had a rather young teacher who let us get away with a lot of strange things that amused her (like doing skits about crossdressing and having one of the guys in a skirt, or assorted other unusual topics...hey, we learned plenty of extra vocab on our own that way, so whatever works, right?), we opted not to use real names. Instead of choosing our own names, we assigned them to each other. The guy with the moustache was called Bigotes, another athletic guy got named Bistec, and someone with long, poofy hair was ChampĂș. I ended up as Cicatriz for a little while, when I had a scar from a skiing accident, and then I became Bacalao, for no other reason than that I liked the sound of the word. A couple of people briefly used Nalgas, because they thought it was funny to do so.

I went by the name Bacalao online for a while, even after I was no longer in that class. Eventually the time came when I needed a second name, and I remembered Nalgas as a name. I was Nalgas Fritas for a little while, because it's a strange combination of word meanings that sounds good together. Then, for at least a couple years, I was just Nalgas. Finally, at some point, I was buying a monitor from someone online. I had given him all my contact info while he was at home, and he forgot to bring it to work, where he was shipping the big, huge box from. Naturally he tried looking for me online, but I wasn't there, so he asked one of my friends for my full name and address. My friend, apparently in a silly mood, gave him the correct address, but since the seller knew me as Nalgas, made up Nalgas D. Lemur as my full name. When the gigantic package arrived while my grandparents were visiting, they were horribly confused.

Since that day, I've been Nalgas D. Lemur. I'm pretty sure it's been decided that the "D" doesn't stand for anything, but some people interpret it as being "de" so that they can interpret my full name as having more meaning. Technically that would make me "rump of lemur", but occasionally people are less forgiving in their translation and opt for "monkeybutt". Probably thanks in no small part to my name, I have been given a stuffed lemur, which hangs from my ceiling light, waiting to pounce on anyone walking below.

See: http://lagparty.org/~nalgas/lemur.jpg