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Someone who attempts to appear cool by inserting the names of famous - or not-so-famous - people into conversation, usually without good reason. Often used as a term of derision, to indicate pretentiousness. Also the title of a 1998 novel by Emma Forrest.

Namedropper is a clever "coming of age"-type story about a girl in England written by Emma Forrest and first published in 1998 by Arrow Books Limited in the UK.

The story follows Viva Cohen through her last year of high school. Viva's best friends are Ray, an aging rock star, and Treena, a drugged out beauty. Viva's world is filled with old movie stars and vintage clothing. She is pulled in and out of that world by her friends and their eccentricies that finally lend her in LA.

The plot, if it had not been so carefully crafted, may have seemed a bit a far out. But, Forrest pulls any doubts out of your head with a beautifully contructed voice, and careful dialogue.

This book is an outstanding read, especially as Forrest's first novel. Namedropper may be aimed more towards the female reader, but can be enjoyed by anyone.

Forrest has a new book due out in February 2003 called "Thin Skinned."

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