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Nami fights the Lucifer Hawks alongside other members of the AMP in the Silent Mobius anime and manga series. She is a Shinto priestess and uses her mystical powers to protect humanity from the demons. As such, she is the only member of AMP, bar the two commanding women, to not wear a uniform. Instead she wears the traditional garb of a Japanese miko.

Nami primarily uses the magical Kirin dagger to kill Hawks. The dagger contains the "power of the magic beasts" and helps her escape a labyrinth which she becomes trapped in. She is also given the "White Tiger blade" in the manga, an extremely powerful holy weapon that can cleave a Lucifer Hawk in two. Unfortunately her powers make her a target and disasterously for AMP she is nearly absorbed by a Hawk in one episode. Had she been completely absorbed, the Hawk would have been able to use her power against the other AMP members - not something one would would want to be on the receiving end of! She also uses magic talismans to trap and contain Hawks.

She lives in a Shinto temple underneath the streets of Tokyo with her grandfather, elder brother and elder sister. In the anime series we see part of her past, where she received her training to be a miko. It was painful and difficult, so she kept her tears bottled up inside. However her grandfather forces her to face her fears so that she can use the Kirin dagger. This does not occur in the manga.

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