Born May 22, 1970.

Notoriously bitchy British supermodel. In the mid 90s she was frequently called one of the most beautiful women in the world and was one of the most photographed women. Though she claims that she paved the way for other Black models, she once refused to walk in a fashion show unless newcomer Tyra Banks was fired from the show.

She's been romantically linked to dozens of men, usually the rich and White variety: Robert DeNiro, Eric Clapton, Leonardo DiCaprio, and that guy from U2 that kinda looks like a Nazi.

In addition to modeling, Naomi "wrote" a book called Swan, "owns" part of a chain of resturants called "Fashion Cafe," and "acts" in movies like Girl 6.

It's been reported that Naomi has a HUGE problem controlling her anger and recently underwent "anger management" therapy in the US.

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