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A "Dirty South" rap group consisting of five members(Skinny DeVille, R. Prophet, Big V, Scales, Ron Clutch, and B. Stille) straight out of Kentucky. Their first album, released in February, 2002 on Atlantic records, was titled "Watermelon, Chicken and Grits". The album is pretty long, at twenty songs. These guys are from the backwoods, and many of their songs make references to being big ballers with little money. The album is well put together, again on a budget that is obvious. Some of the most interesting beats and rhymes I've heard recently. The lead single, "Awnaw", already has widespread radio play.

Track Listing
2. Hustla
3. Sell it out
4. Country Boyz
5. Ballin' on a budget
6. Awnaw
7. Headz Up
8. Slums
9. Po' Folks
10. Start it over
11. Blowin' Trees
12. Sholiz
13. Life's a Bitch
14. My Ride
15. One-Forty
16. Dime, Quarter, Nickel, Penny
17. Kentucky Mud
18. The Lounge
19. Hodown
20. Headz Up(Remix/Refried)

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