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This little gem is something every online geek has wished he had in his service. It owes its existence to J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of the second best scifi show ever, who had a large USENET presence and an odd sense of humor.

Zima was a heavily marketed, well-known yet vile brand of beer at the time that was fast on its way out, so Straczynski placed Zima signs in Babylon 5 - set in 2258 - just for the hell of it. Afterwards he mentioned online that he was fighting the urge of having a character emulate the annoying Zima TV advertisement, only to have five Narns (the obligatory brutal warrior race, only not because B5 likes being twisty but still very fierce) jump out of nowhere and beat him up.

The fans pounced immediately, and the Narn Bat Squad (NBS) was born. To this day, anyone guilty of a really hideous pun or criminal inanity in the wrong part of the 'Net will be met with some approximation of:

It warms the heart.

The NBS is led by a Chief Thwacking Officer and armed with Louisville Sluggers. Personally, I preferred clue by fours.

http://users.tkk.fi/shaavist/b5/narnbatsquad.html (finnish)

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