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Northeastern-most county in the state of Florida, Nassau is a beautiful buffer county between Jacksonville and the state of Georgia. Geography consists mostly of pine trees and rivers, with the Atlantic Ocean bordering to the east. Cities within the borders of Nassau County are Fernandina Beach (on Amelia Island), Yulee, Callahan, and Hilliard.

In 1980, Nassau County (then pop. 32,894) was a sleepy nowhere with only a stretch of I-95 running right down the middle. 2003 census estimates put the population of Nassau County at roughly 62,000 residents. By 2010, it is projected by the State of Florida and US Bureau of Census that almost 81,000 people will reside in Nassau, making it one of the fastest evolving areas in the most quickly developing region in the United States. Political feuding is the norm in this place that is on the verge of being overwhelmed with growth.

Industry includes tourism and hospitality, shrimping, and timber logging. Most residents of Nassau County work in either Jacksonville or St. Mary's/ Kingsland, GA.

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