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Update: Tragically, this page no longer seems to exist as of April 2009, producing only a linkfarm. Even more tragically, it appears that the robots.txt file of the site, when it was up, prevented the Wayback Machine from archiving it.

Oh, my dear sweet God. This was, I was convinced, a joke ("That was a joke, son.").

Sadly, I was mistaken.

First of all, the site in question is: http://www.natchezpd.com/index.html

It is, ostensibly, the web page for the police department of Natchez, MS USA. It is also frightening me to the point of gibbering incoherence. Why? A few reasons. Bear in mind as I go through these that these are police. These are people and an organization supposed to protect citizens of their jurisdiction. Now consider the following.

  • Warning Signs of Occult Involvement. This post, by Infinity, is how I found this den of horror. As far as I can tell, they are actually promulgating this garbage as serious and accurate information, to be used when deciding when your child needs to be brought before the cops or sent to whatever the hell they consider to be therapy for this sort of thing in Natchez MS.
  • I won't even go into the fact that apparently, whoever designed this site can't spell for shit. Yeah, I really want to join a "sucessful team!" or know "What parnets can do." Thanks, but...no thanks.
  • Apparently, one requirement to be in the department is to be completely derezzed and out of focus.
  • To return briefly to the occult warning signs issue and the structural bigotry that it displays, I offer the following statement from their front page: "It is the policy of the City of Natchez to employ positive practices designed to ensure the full realization of equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, disability or veteran's status." Sure. Unless your religion happens to involve Wicca, or you happen to be a teenager, or you like dressing in black God help you if you like to play AD&D or use computers or wear silver jewelry (a Satanic material), rather than that made of gold (a "Christian metal"). I swear I am not making this up.
  • Just to flagellate a defunct equine, while distributing this poisoned dribble, they purport that their mission statement is as follows (italics mine): "The City of Natchez Police Department's mission is to prevent crime and maintain order while affording dignity and respect to all individuals; to protect lives and property while safe guarding constitutional guarantees, committed to the delivery of police services in the most efficient, fairest, responsive and ethical manner possible to impartially enforce all laws and ordinances, while enhancing the quality of life for all citizens through new and innovative approaches to problem solving and crime prevention; with a sensitivity to the priorities and needs of the people; and to promote professionalism and pride among employees of the City of Natchez Police Department." Schyeah.
  • http://www.natchezpd.com/computer.html The bottom of the page. I just can't even explain.
  • Perhaps the most frightening...they have an awards page. aiiiieeee...

Good Jesus H. Tapdancing Christopher Christ on a Popsicle stick. How can a police department claim this while simultaneously warning folks that 'highly intelligent' children are a risk factor, and that 'computer interest' leads to Satanic worship?

I sincerely hope this whole thing is a fraud. It very well could be. It has a .com domain, many of the email addresses contained on the site are from a local free internet provider (local to the area) and...and...I just refuse to believe this, even of the South.

However, I have this sneaking, nasty fear that it's not a fraud. This explains why I, as an extremely non-white non-Christian, do not travel south of the Mason-Dixon Line unless it is burningly necessary.

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