• One's original language(s), usually what's spoken around the house or neighborhood.

  • Sometimes singular, sometimes plural. A collective of rappers, dating back to the late 80s: De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and the Jungle Brothers might be considered the nucleus. At various times, Queen Latifah, Black Sheep, and Simone "Monie Love" Johnson were members. They all appeared on each others albums and videos. For a while. One big happy, or dysfunctional, family, depending on season.
  • A satirical novel by Carl Hiassen, his fourth.

    Follows a reporter-turned-public relations representative for a theme park in South Florida in his drive to prevent the ecological decimation of the island. Also features the reappearance of Skink and Jim Tile from Double Whammy, Hiaasen's second novel.

    I give it two thumbs up; the humorous touch was even more present than usual in this installment from the Hiaasen universe than in the others I've read.

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