One of a crop of Quentin Tarantino scripts which were suddenly filmed by other directors when Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction became successful.

Tarantino's script is a romance about a couple of mass murderers. The script contains a lot of violence, but you get the impression that Quentin just thinks it's cool for them to be cold motherfuckers.

Oliver Stone took this script and turned it into a crazy, chaotic, psychedelic trip of a film, while simultaneously satirising the media: TV and tabloid journalism in particular.

In Stone's vision, the violence is horrific (as he keeps repeating, he's seen Vietnam first hand), yet the media sells it as entertainment. To a great extent, it is the media which has primed Micky and Mallory to be psychotic killers (that and their abusive families).

Isn't it ironic (don't you think) that NBK itself was blamed for several murders -- personally I suspect opportunistic psychos looking for an excuse.

A film released in 1994, directed by Oliver Stone, story written by Quentin Tarentino and screenplay written by David Veloz, Richard Rutowski and Oliver Stone.

Inspired by the killing spree of Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate in the late 1950's, the film is the story of two psychopaths (Mickey and Mallory) who traverse the country committing mass murders and leaving carnage in their wake, just for fun. They become regular media celebrities and the press transforms them into legends. The sole person left alive at the scene of their murders tells the tale and the saga continues.

The carnage starts not more than ten minutes into the movie but it is certainly not your average slice and dice thriller, or action movie. With a twisted romance between the two killers, and their quest for fame, the film is a critique of violence represented in the media, the definition of celebrity and a commentary on western society.

Cast (thanks to

Woody Harrelson....... Mickey Knox
Juliette Lewis....... Mallory Wilson Knox
Rodney Dangerfield....... Ed Wilson
Edie McClurg....... Mrs. Wilson
Sean Stone....... Kevin Wilson
Robert Downey Jr........ Wayne Gale
Corinna Everson....... TV Mallory
Dale Dye....... Dale Wrigley
Edward Conna....... Gerald Nash
Kirk Baltz....... Wayne Gale's cameraman
Tom Sizemore....... Detective Jack Scagnetti
Tommy Lee Jones....... Dwight McClusky
Steven Wright (I)....... Dr. Emil Reingold
Bob Swan....... Napalatoni

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