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Seen on a bumper sticker predictably enough in Santa Cruz, California in the good ol' USA, and sparked a chain of thought that haunts me to this day and will probably accompany me to my grave. Every time you add energy to a chaotic system it becomes a little more complicated because there's just one more input you cannot accurately model. Every action, reckless or not, makes the world a little more complicated, a little more unpredictable.

Okay, sure, predictability leads to complacence, and variety is the spice of life, we've all heard that or something like it, I imagine. But in one's climate predictability really helps you with finding slack. The more predictable things are, the easier it is to plan for them and make it possible to be lazy and still successful without living in poverty. The fact is that cold snaps and heat waves kill things, and some of those things are people, and the secondary (and tertiary, and so on) effects of any climatological change are so hard to predict that it always amounts to masturbation to think more than about a week into the future, and even that often ends up being thrown off by something we don't adequately understand.

This is where this becomes just another bunny-hugging rant (our rabbit is named Marbles, and he is as charming as can be, much sweeter than the average rodent) and so I really don't need to flesh this out any further, do I? Today I had to install a SCSI host adapter in a PC in which I was installing an ATA RAID because the RAID controller was being abusive about the boot order, so I could install an operating system. At least on my PC, this was useful because SCSI gets to go last in the boot order, and its BIOS executed later than everything else in the system. SCSI bats last, you see? So it has the final word, and it wins.

Similarly, since nature is just another word for physics, capital Nature will be around a lot longer than we will. Anything we do to the planet will be delivered to us tenfold by the hand of fate, which is also just another name for the workings of the universe. Er, I mean, physics. Nature bats last and the game isn't over until she's done. Any victory you think you've made over the inevitability of collapse of a closed system is momentary in the scheme and thus the view of the greater system.

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