Nausicaa - 'Ulysses' - James Joyce

8pm - 9pm
'The Beach'
Bloom - Ulysses
Gerty - Nausicaa
-- Eye, nose
Art/Science: PAINTING

This chapter opens up on Sandymount Strand around Howt Hill. On the strand,
Gerty McDowell and friends are playing around. Gerty is aware of the stranger
on the strand (Bloom) and fantasizes about him. When her friends leave (they
ask Bloom for the time and his watch seem to have stopped at 4 O'clock), she
starts to entice him through the exploration of her body while he's watching her.
The climax happens when a Roman candle is shot off in the air.
Bloom comes to the conclusion he's a cuckold, which brings him closer to Molly.
(After all, the strand is also the place where they exchanged their vows)

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