A follower of the Judaic sect that St Paul persecuted and then used as source material for his own Christianity. Little is known about it other than its close relationship to both the Zealots, Essenes and Jewish Gnosticism and its militant anti-Roman stance. It sems to have had to factions that of Rabbi Issua (Jesus) and that of the Zadok Johan (John the Baptist). Ironically it was later regard as a Christian heresy

I have grown up in the Nazarene church. In fact, my father is a Nazarene preacher. While it is a very conservative denomination, there have been several changes in the doctrine over the past few years. Mixed bathing is no longer forbidden. Most church functions that include mixed bathing require cover-ups over two piece swimsuits. Also, while going to the movies is not encouraged, it is also not forbidden. I was allowed to start going to the movies when I was 16, when my parents thought I was old enough to make my own decisions on what was considered suitable and upright (ok, so maybe that was a mistake, what 16 year old is going to always pick that which is upright!).

While I may not be a Nazarene for the rest of my life, I feel that, IMHO, it is a great church.

Naz`a*rene" (?), n. [L. Nazarenus, Gr. , fr. Nazareth.]


A native or inhabitant of Nazareth; -- a term of contempt applied to Christ and the early Christians.

2. Eccl. Hist.

One of a sect of Judaizing Christians in the first and second centuries, who observed the laws of Moses, and held to certain heresies.


© Webster 1913.

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