A more in sorrow than in anger insult, aimed at people who have (over-)developed a skill with something that is a complete waste of life, or developed a fantastically in-depth knowledge of something that is a complete waste of life.

It's often aimed at saddos, anoraks, geeks, dweebs, nerds and role-playing gamers. Let's face it, they all need more sunshine, and less time time spent delving deeply into unhealthy obsessions.

Often used in the form 'You need to get out more', or 'He needs to get out more'.

Bizarrely, the form 'She needs to get out more' is in much less common usage. And when it is used, it's often of a girl spending her time on beauty treatments which she hopes will help her when she does get out more. I don't personally see why you'd want to spend your Friday evenings on a self-administered bikini-line wax instead of actually getting out more, but then, neither do I spend all my spare time playing role-playing games with fellow anoraks who share a bizarrely eccentric attitude about personal hygiene.

No, my model boat building/beer-mat collecting*/memorising of all 123 appearances of Data in episodes of Star Trek is much more understandable.

* I don't go out to collect them, you understand - other people bring me the beer mats from their nights out at the pub.

Author's Note: while the US was asleep, and Europe was awake, this was by far the most popular write-up I'd ever authored. Gradually, as the US has woken up, it's balance of favourable comments over unfavourable is dropping steadily. I'm sure this demonstrates something, but the node on cultural differences has been excised by the gods.

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