A band based out of northern California. The most well known song by the band is probably Christianity is stupid. They are very experimental and use tape loops and samples along with found sound and original music to great effect. The band also produces a live radio show in the northern California area called over the edge. One of the members is known as The Weatherman known for his distinct voice especially, in my mind anyway, when he says there's no other possibility god damn it. They were sued by rock group U2 in a ridiculous battle to ban their album containing a parody of U2's song I still haven't found what I'm looking for. That same album, which was eventually recalled was one of the first to feature a tape of radio personality Casey Kassem screaming about "not playing a fucking upbeat song after a fucking death dedication". One of the other phrases Negitivland may be known for is copyright infringement is your best entertainment value.

God Damn, these guys are awesome

Negativland are named after the track 'Negativland' from Neu!'s debut album 'Neu!'. Furthermore, Negativland's earliest recordings were released on their own record label, 'Seeland', named after the track 'See land' from Neu!'s third album 'Neu!' (aka 'Neu '75').

According to a German-speaking friend of mine, 'negativland' is German for 'negative land'. This might sound like a boring, utterly obvious fact. And it is.


1980 - Negativland
(Seeland 001) CD and LP
15,000 copies sold.

1981 - Points
(Seeland 002) CD and LP (LP out-of-print)
7300 copies sold.

1983 - A Big 10-8 Place
(Seeland 003) CD and LP (LP out-of-print)
11,300 copies sold.

  1. Theme from A Big 10-8 Place (2:58)
  2. A Big 10-8 Place (part one) (13:22)
  3. Clowns and Ballerinas (1:34)
  4. Introduction (:49)
  5. Four Fingers (3:05)
  6. 180-G: A Big 10-8 Place (part two) (15:49)

1987 - Escape From Noise
(SST 133, RecRec 17, Penguin 30041) LP, Cassette, CD
35,000 copies sold.
(Seeland 006) 1999 CD reissue
1,200 copies sold.

  1. Announcement
  2. Quiet Please
  3. Michael Jackson
  4. Escape From Noise
  5. The Playboy Channel
  6. Stress in Marriage
  7. Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song
  8. Over the Hiccups
  9. Sycamore
  10. Car Bomb
  11. Methods of Torture
  12. Yellow Black and Rectangular
  13. Backstage Pass
  14. Christianity is Stupid
  15. Time Zones
  16. You Don't Even Live Here
  17. The Way Of It
  18. Endscape

1989 - Helter Stupid
(SST 252, RecRec 29) LP, Cassette, CD
16,000 copies sold.

1993 - Free
(Seeland 009) CD
9,500 copies sold.

1993 - Negativconcertland
(bootleg issue - Atomic Novelties) 2CD

1995 - Fair Use
(Seeland 013) Book and CD
6,800 copies sold.

1997 - Dispepsi
(Seeland 017) CD
10,800 copies sold.

1997 - Negativ(e)land - Live On Tour
(bootleg issue - SST 335) CD

Singles and EP's

1991 - U2
(SST 272) 12" EP, Cassette, CD (withdrawn)
6951 copies sold.

  1. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - 1991 A Capella Mix (7:15)
  2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Special Edit Radio Mix (5:46)

1992 - Guns
(SST 291) 12" EP, Cassette, CD
8,000 copies sold.

  1. Then (8:05)
  2. Now (8:36)

1997 - Truth In Advertising
(Eerie Materials) 7" EP
2,000 copies sold.

1998 - Happy Heroes
(Seeland 018) CDEP
3,800 copies sold.

1999 - Negativland/Chumbawamba
The ABCs Of Anarchism
(Seeland 020) CDEP
4,900 copies sold.

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